Atos Bridge


Secure stable IT operations for increased Business Continuity

Atos Bridge is an industrial-strength monitoring and management tool that supports all core processes, identifying areas for improvement and potential issues in a coordinated and integrated manner.

The Bridge business chain management service provides 24x7 services for mission critical business processes that require high availability. The Bridge is a proven service model that includes end-to-end, proactive monitoring of applications, automated execution of operational tasks and technical management of the application portfolio.

The Bridge encourages improved communication between business and IT across the organization. Preventing rather than fixing service disruptions will lead to very significant reduction in the number of incidents. Given the considerable financial impact of incidents in the logistic process, the Bridge will be extremely effective in assuring business continuity and supporting the consistency and uniformity of systems and procedures.

From Reactive to Proactive Service Approach

Energy of Atos Bridge is towards proactive operations to minimize disruptions in business applications and maximize end user satisfaction. This is done by:

  • Spotting events before they become incidents
  • Not waiting for users to ask for help
  • Moving pre-emptively and predictively to solve them.

Building bridges to align business objectives

The Atos Bridge monitoring and management service allows customers to directly see the impact of IT performance on the business processes by identifying both business and performance issues, and connecting them to the underlying IT that drives and affects those issues. It’s possible to identify events and problems in an early stage which allows intervention and solving the problems before they cause any decline in service. Read more


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Atos Bridge
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