Cyber Security

Do More. Risk Less

Today and for the foreseeable future, your business is done online. How can you protect your company and your investments while allowing 24x7 access to information and networks? Preparing for today’s risks effectively and efficiently requires a different approach to security, one designed for today’s unique threats.

In order to be able to respond to any kind of threats a complete solution is requireddelivered by someone with the specialist skills, tools and resources (and proven success) to protect you against today’s threats. In an age of unknowns, you need an experienced guide.

Atos is that trusted, experienced guide. Our end-to-end security solutions makes you not only more secure, but also more able to predict and reduce new threats without interruption to your core business. Atos improves your protection against threats while you and your workforce can focus on what you do best—your business.


Leading security IT services provider

Atos has been ranked one of the top 3 leading security IT services providers in Europe, the Middle East & Africa by PAC.

Atos has more than 25 years of experience of providing robust, comprehensive and fit-for-purpose security solutions and services for organizations across all business sectors. We have a proven ability to deliver solutions for companies and organizations with extremely rigorous security requirements. A clear example of where we have demonstrated this ability to predict and deal with cyber threats while ensuring smooth successful operations is our work for the International Olympic Committee.


A Holistic Approach to Trust and Compliance

With more than 4500 security specialists worldwide, Bull unique security technologies across the whole IT/OT chain, and eight 24x7 Security Operations Centers across the world, we offer unique expertise to:

  • Assess risks with cyber security consulting, audit, penetration testing and strategy design.
  • Safeguard data & voice communications with advanced solutions for payments, data encryption and data vault
  • Protect IT & OT infrastructures with end-to-end resilient solutions
  • Enable employees, partners, customers & citizens with advanced identity & access management technologies relying on our brands Evidian & DirX
  • Defend 24x7 in real-time against attacks with advanced managed Security Services, SOCs, forensics teams as well as advanced technologies in security analytics for pre-emptive protection strategies.

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Securing the Olympics


Trust-As-A-Service 2015

Whitepaper: Ready for anything

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