Journey 2014 - Simplicity with Control

Welcome to Journey 2014, a unique and comprehensive document from Atos where we present you with our predictions and vision for technology that will shape business through to 2014.

Between now and 2014, organizations will see a radical change in how they relate to customers and how they operate. New business and social models will continue to emerge. Success will depend on the use of new collaborative tools to improve how we communicate, make decisions and work together.

Journey 2014 is a compilation of the extensive research conducted by our 90 top scientists of the Atos Scientific Community over the past two years. The objective is to create a clear and thorough picture of the technology trends that will shape our future. As such it includes insights from experts, practical tips and our point of view on the way technology can be used to best effect by businesses to grow and transform.

Key to the research has been open innovation – the practice of working with partners in a combination of internal and external sources to create global ecosystems that transcend borders, organizations and technologies.

As this paper shows, the winners in 2014 will be those who have combined Simplicity with Control most effectively. These will be the businesses who succeed in simplifying a complex world for their customers and their employees, those who empower individuals to control their use of technology.

These are the organizations who will drive our society forwards. As your business technologists, we’ll help you get there by powering sustainable progress for you, our partners and the wider community.

"Journey 2014 identifies the technologies which we believe will be key in the world of tomorrow and provides the answers on how to leverage them for current and future business needs. At Atos, we believe in the transformative power created by people, technology and business working together. I am confident that you will find Journey 2014 captivating and I hope it will support you in your strategic planning."
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO  


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